Chordbuddy Guitar Learning System

Chordbuddy Guitar Learning System

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Product Description: Chordbuddy for your Guitar, 2 Chordbuddy Booklets (2-month lesson plan and songbook)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Chordbuddy work on my guitar?

The “right” and “left” handed ChordBuddy will work with full size six-string guitars (all the strings will be metal).

If you have a classical (Spanish) guitar (with a 2in wide neck) you’ll need to make sure to select the “Classical” version ChordBuddy. ChordBuddy will not work on half-sized or 3/4 guitars (or any guitar with a neck width of less than 1 1/2″) (children’s) guitars.

What's inside the booklets? 

The songbook features over 100 hit songs from the past and present including hits from country, bluegrass, gospel, and rock-n-roll genres. The 2-month lesson plan gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use your ChordBuddy. 

Do you have any videos I can watch? 

Absolutely! Our Youtube Channel has over 200 videos, including lesson videos, which you can watch here.